How underpinning works with Katana Screw Piles

Underpinning a home to restore the integrity of the foundation can be done using a few different methods. One of these methods is called Screw Pile Underpinning (also known as screw pier underpinning). As the name suggests, the "piles" are screwed into the ground, meaning minimal excavation or soil disturbance. It also makes the installation process very fast, safe, and weather independent.

Foundation Solutions exclusively uses the screw pile method for the following important reasons:

  1. Most cost-effective method: Screw piles are the most cost-effective method in the majority of underpinning situations
  2. Fast turn-around and less-intrusive: The screw pile method results in minimal home disturbance and enables fast turn-around of the underpinning project
  3. Fixed price underpinning: Predictability and ease of installation means we can offer fixed price underpinning for our customers
  4. Consistently solid results: Most importantly steel screw piles consistently deliver solid, lasting underpinning results. 

Katana steel screw piles

Foundation Solutions are partnered with Australian-made Katana Foundations to ensure we have the best screw piles, made locally in Brisbane.

The twin fin design of the Katana Screw Pile aides our underpinning crews in achieving optimum verticality during the installation. We can deliver highly accurate piling installations for complex underpinning and foundation repairs which rely on accurately located piles.

The Katana screw pile provides arguably the industry's strongest and straightest connection between a pilot and extension for deeper soil penetration. This connection has been tested extensively in compression and uplift and well exceeds all minimum expectations.

We’ve installed numerous Katana screw pile systems for foundation underpinning and have had a 100% success rate. We can’t recommend them highly enough.


To find out more about how Foundation Solutions use the Katana screw pile for underpinning, give Nicole a call on 0451 824 961.