Looking for a trusted underpinning company? Get a Master Builder.

In our recent article on the cost of underpinning a house, we discussed the 3 biggest problems people face when trying to get clear information and pricing for underpinning their house. The common factor for all 3 problems was trust. People needed an underpinning company they could rely on for truthful, impartial and transparent information. Without this, the entire underpinning process becomes more confusing, painful and drawn out.

There are several ways that an underpinning company can earn your trust and prove themselves more trustworthy. However, when you are just starting your search for underpinning contractors and are not sure how to identify trusted companies, one useful filter can be to first approach those who are Master Builders.


Why choose a master builder?

Shortlisting underpinning companies who are Master Builders gives you confidence that they have the support of the peak industry association and peace of mind that they are appropriately licensed. Master Builder members are also provided with training and advice to help them raise their professional standards.

In short, Master Builders are serious about their trade.

The Master Builders Association also works on behalf of the home owner. When you work with a Master Builder, the association is available to help you with useful resources on building, renovating and maintaining your home. They are also available to help avoid and resolve any disputes.

To make the search process simple, the Master Builder website has a searchable directory of members, so you can more easily find a Master Builder near you. You can find underpinning companies by typing underpinning in the "What type of work?" box and the category "House raising, restumping & underpinning" will come up for you to select.

There is more information for Home Owners on the Master Builders Association website.


why trust is so important for underpinning

Underpinning isn't something the average person is familiar with. Most people struggle with getting trusted information from their car mechanic, yet servicing their car is something they do every year. Underpinning by comparison is an event that you might go through once or twice in a lifetime. And it can be much more confronting and costly than repairing a car.

That is why trust is critical to underpinning. You need a company that you can trust to give you impartial information, fair pricing and transparency throughout the entire underpinning process.

At Foundation Solutions we try to make it as easy as possible for people to develop trust with us. We are a proud Master Builder member. But we do a whole lot more throughout your journey with us to ensure we retain your trust and give you peace of mind. Here are a few examples:

  • past customer reviews on our website
  • detailed discussions on your underpinning and foundation problems - free of charge and with no obligation to use us
  • we can arrange for you to talk to a past customer
  • our transparent "wunderpinning" process
  • fixed price quotations
  • fixed underpinning schedule
  • regular phone and email communication to keep you up to date and answer any questions
  • reliable screw pile underpinning for the most solid results
  • friendly and helpful staff

If you're looking for a trustworthy underpinning contractor, start by calling Nicole from Foundation Solutions on 0451 824 961.