Residential Underpinning

Residential Underpinning

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Our residential underpinning service is suited to foundation repair work of all shapes and sizes - whether a small foundation problem or a complex issue involving significant damage to the structure.

Every underpinning service we undertake is delivered with care and transparency using our “Wunderpinning” process: it is our 7 step underpinning process, designed to make underpinning easy to understand, transparent from start to finish and to maximise customer satisfaction.

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Wunderpinning: How our Underpinning Process works

  1. Honest advice: We answer all your questions, offering our professional experience at no cost. We want you to be well informed before proceeding.

  2. Home assessment: We visit your home to inspect the extent of foundation movement and damage. From here we can begin designing an underpinning solution.

  3. Fixed quote: We provide a detailed quotation in plain language with all costs clearly shown. We take the time to explain what it all means.

  4. Agreed schedule of works: If you wish to proceed with us, we don't just turn up one day - we work out a clear schedule with you so as to minimise disruption.

  5. Stage 1 - Headstock: Work commences, starting with ground preparation, excavating holes, laying the steel screw piles and pouring concrete.

  6. Stage 2 - Lift: We then move to the lifting of the structure to return it to the correct levels, finishing with a final concrete pour.

  7. Clean-up: Once all works are completed, we review the job with you. And before leaving we ensure all debris is removed and the site is tidy.

  8. Final Report: On finishing the underpinning, we provide a detailed record of works in a Completion Report, including dates, footprint diagram and Form 16 Inspection Certificate.

What method of underpinning do you use?

We primarily use screw pile underpinning as it is the most versatile for a wide range of foundation repair needs and consistently delivers reliable results. We also use the grout injection method in conjunction with screw piles, where together they can provide the most cost-effective and permanent repair solution. Read more about why we use screw piles in our article “How underpinning works with screw piles“.

How do I know if I need underpinning?

This will depend on a number of factors, including the extent of movement or damage and whether subsidence is actively occurring. Read our article on What is underpinning and when is it needed? for more information. Or just give us a call to chat to an expert.

How much will underpinning cost?

Most underpinning services cost between $5,000 and $35,000. Complex cases can cost more than this. Read our “How much does underpinning cost?” article for more information. Alternatively you can book a free home assessment and we’ll come to you to provide an appraisal of your property and a fully costed underpinning quote.

Get Expert Advice

We understand that for many home owners, foundation problems are often daunting. It is difficult to know the extent of the problem, what you should do, how much it will cost and who to trust.

To help with this, we do our best to provide unlimited free advice to help you understand your situation better and the options available to you. We provide a free assessment service where we come to your home. We keep our advice impartial and leave it to you to decide on the best course of action.

If we can be of help to you today, give us a call or simply book in for a free home underpinning assessment to get answers to all your questions.