Structural Engineering Report

Structural Engineering Report

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Our Structural Engineering report services involves a detailed foundation inspection by a registered structural engineer including:

  • Visual and non-intrusive investigation for movements and cracks.

  • Determine if findings are serious or general wear and tear.

  • Take building levels across site.

  • Determine likely cause/s of the damage and recommend actions or repairs.

  • If underpinning is required, provide details and indicate locations.

  • Provide Structural Engineering Report, signed by registered engineer (RPEQ)

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When is a Structural Engineering Report needed?

A detailed assessment of your home by a structural engineer is needed when there is significant visible evidence of movement and/or damage to a building.

We always recommend our free home assessment service as a first step, prior to getting a structural engineer’s report. As part of our free service, we would conduct an expert assessment of the property, and as part of our recommendations would confirm if a structural engineering assessment is also required.

If you’ve already had an expert evaluate your property and want a quote for a Structural Engineering Report, fill out the form below and give us a call.

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