Free Underpinning Appraisal Service for Real Estate Agents


Foundation problems in Real Estate

It takes a unique kind of person to be successful in real estate: someone who makes it their mission to deliver exceptional customer service – building valuable relationships and using their experience to address issues before they become problems for their clients.

One big issue when selling a home is structural problems with the foundations.

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Dealing with structural foundation problems

The larger the foundation problem, the greater the uncertainty this can add to the sale of the house – for all parties involved.

For the Seller

Sellers may not know the extent of the damage to their home and therefore will be less prepared to make firm decisions regarding the sale of the property, conditions of sale they are willing to accept, or how much they are prepared to negotiate on price.

For the Buyers

Potential buyers are less likely to seriously consider buying a property without clear information. Cracks in walls and floors and other visible signs of damage are concerning enough, without adding uncertainty as to the condition of the foundations, the extent of damage to the building and the cost of underpinning to repair the house.

For the Real Estate Agent

And for Real Estate Agents trying to manage the sale of the property, this uncertainty makes the property that much harder to sell. It can complicate the appraisal and marketing of the property, drag out the time and increase the cost required to make the sale.

On site conducting an Underpinning Appraisal.

On site conducting an Underpinning Appraisal.


Deal with foundation problems up front

To avoid these pains for seller, buyers and real estate agent alike, real estate agents are best off solving these problems up front, during initial conversations with their clients.

That’s where we come in. Foundation Solutions has developed a unique service for our real estate clients - a free underpinning appraisal report that will provide clarity on the condition of the building and enable better decision making by all involved in the sale of the property.


The Underpinning Appraisal Report, our free service, customised for Real Estate agents and their clients.


The Underpinning Appraisal Report

Our service involves a full assessment of the property – inside and out – to determine the extent of the structural problem due to foundation movement. We provide recommendations for further action where required, including forensic engineering and underpinning, and a fully costed assessment to restore the house.


Any forensic engineering or in-depth structural assessments are carried out in conjunction with our structural engineering partner of choice STA Consulting Engineers.

The results are delivered in a professional report that becomes a useful tool in the home sales process to provide clarity and certainty for all parties. And we do it all for free, with no further obligation on any party.

If this is of interest to your agency, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.


How does it work?


Getting an Underpinning Appraisal Report done is as simple as calling our team and booking in a time for us to conduct the site visit. We can meet a representative of your agency at the address, or meet the owner or tenant without you if preferred.

Once we’ve completed the appraisal, we send you the final report including a costed assessment and will remain available to answer any questions you have or assist with further services.


We usually are able to complete an underpinning appraisal within 1 - 2 weeks from the date of booking, depending on our work schedule. Once we’ve completed the site inspection, we deliver the report within 24 hours.


We service the South East Queensland region, including Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and everywhere in between.


We are confident we offer the best underpinning service in Queensland and are prepared to let you experience this first hand at no cost through our appraisal service. We are Master Builders and we love showing people that foundation problems don’t have to be scary.

We’ll provide you and your clients with trustworthy, transparent advice that will help the property sale go more smoothly for everyone involved.

As part of our Underpinning Appraisal Service, we even take levels, to provide greater accuracy and certainty over the condition of the foundation.

As part of our Underpinning Appraisal Service, we even take levels, to provide greater accuracy and certainty over the condition of the foundation.


Call for more information

If this service is of interest to your real estate agency, we’d love to hear from you and to find out there’s anything else you would need as part of this underpinning appraisal service.